Statement of Purpose

We, the undersigned, are concerned that acceptance of diversity in Utah today is not of the scope or at the level it ought to be. We ask Utahns of every background to cast a broader look at diversity and to nurture a deeper respect for our differences. It is only when we respect differences that we can be united in a healthy community.

Utah is a community rich in resources, ideas, hopes, capabilities and heritage. Our people have different political, religious, and other beliefs. We seek to help build a community where differing viewpoints are acknowledged and valued. Differences need to be aired, and problems resolved, in an atmosphere of courtesy, respect and civility. What separates a healthy, diverse community from a divided one is the level of respect and understanding of our differences.

Our Alliance For Unity will seek ways to bring people together for the benefit of all. We will encourage specific projects of common purpose. Our overriding goal is to help people cross boundaries of culture, religion, and ethnicity to better understand and befriend one another. This will be an ongoing and long-term endeavor.

We invite all Utahns to join us, person to person, neighborhood to neighborhood, in bringing together all people for the common good.

  • Robert "Archie" Archuleta
    Community Activist

  • Pamela J. Atkinson
    Community Activist

  • Elder M. Russell Ballard
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • Ralph Becker
    Mayor, Salt Lake City

  • Cynthia Buckingham
    Executive Director, Utah Humanities Council

  • Reverend France A. Davis
    Calvary Baptist Church

  • Spencer F. Eccles
    Chairman Emeritus, Wells Fargo Bank

  • Jon M. Huntsman
    Chairman, Huntsman Corp.; Co-Convener

  • Norma Matheson
    Former First Lady of Utah

  • Pam Bailey
    Executive Director

  • Dr. Dinesh Patel
    Spring Capital

  • Harris H. Simmons
    President, Zions Bancorporation

  • Dean Singleton
    President, MediaNews Group, Inc.

  • Jim Wall
    Publisher, Deseret Morning News

  • The Most Reverend John C. Wester
    Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City